Irrigation technology has come a long way over the years!  From Wifi enabled controllers, to pressure-regulated heads, to the newest sensors and weather stations. Watersmith Irrigation has the knowledge and expertise to install and service all the newest innovations.

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Using only the best products in the industry, Watersmith Irrigation can tell you what type of controller, valves, and rotors or spray heads are the best for your landscape. We take a detailed survey of your property to ensure installed sprinklers will properly cover the entire area. When installing irrigation systems, it’s incredibly important to include a backflow preventer – not only is this required by local codes, but it also protects the drinking water supply. Our employees are WSA Certified Backflow preventer testers to make sure your system is properly installed. To show that we stand behind our work, we even offer a two-year warranty over all products and labor.

With a 24/7, year-round service department, we offer professional service and refurbishment for already installed systems. If your irrigation system is over 15 years old, consider refurbishing or replacing the system completely to ensure proper water use and efficiency. Watersmith can help you solve any problems you may have with your system – anywhere from leakage, drainage, to any physical damage!

We also offer backflow testing – something that is required to be up-to-code in Missouri. This ensures your water supply is safe from any backflow from your irrigation system. Only a licensed professional can test backflow, which is why Watersmith Irrigation employs nine WSA Certified Backflow Preventer Testers.

Watersmith Irrigation offers a yearly maintenance program to residential and commercial systems we have installed as well as pre-existing irrigation systems you may have. Yearly maintenance includes a check up in the spring to start it up, mid-season check up to ensure your system is working at its best, and a fall check up to get the system ready for winter. Don’t forget about that yearly backflow test and winterization! Watersmith Irrigation can do all of that for you!

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