Lawn Treatment

Watersmith Irrigation offers custom lawn care programs to cover each season of the year. With employees certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, we utilize proven treatment programs to give you the best possible lawn. From irrigation to lawn treatment, we know grass!

Seasonal Lawn Treatments Include:

Watersmith applies complete fertilizer plus pre-emergent care for grassy weed control now before it really becomes a problem. As professionals who have done this for 30+ years, we can evenly cover your lawn in a short amount of time, preparing it for springtime growth.

Broadleaf weeds like dandelions can easily overrun your lawn. To fight this, we offer an Early Summer Treatment with broadleaf weed control, grassy weed control, and fertilizer to maximize your potential for a beautiful summer lawn.

We use slow-release fertilizer and weed control during this treatment to encourage more even growth across your lawn and prevent the hot sun from breaking down the fertilizer too fast.

Now is the time to prepare your lawn for winter; nothing is worse than having your lawn die off, looking barren and colorless. To combat this, we utilize high nitrogen fertilizer to winterize your lawn and supplement it through the cold season.

Additional Lawn Services:


Grub Control

Unwanted pests often target your lawn for food (roots) and a place to lay eggs. The worst time for grubs usually occurs mid-summer to fall, and can quickly infest your lawn.


Lime treatment

Usually, lawns need a pH level between six and seven. However, anything below 6 means that your lawn is not growing at its best. With a lime treatment, your grass can get back to being healthy!



Aeration (slicing) includes putting small holes in the ground to encourage water, nutrients, and air to cycle through to the grass roots. Not only will this allow for stronger roots, but will also cut back on compacted soil.



Overseeding helps to prevent barren lawns and keep them from getting yellow or brown. This is usually done in the fall as a winterization technique to help keep the lawn in good shape throughout the winter.